iBolt MHL Streamer XL Kit: Micro High Definition Link from Smartphone to TV – CES 2012



Bruce from iBOLT showed off the Streamer Kit. This is a technology that uses a special HDMI cable from certain Android smartphones to TV.

This is called Micro High Definition Link technology (MHL). Sprint EVO, Samsung Galaxy, HTC Resound has MHL technology. MHL is a high definition video and audio interface standard supporting up to 1080p HD video, 60 fps and digital audio output, Dolby 7.1 support.

The cable allows you to be a reasonable distance from your TV when playing a game, using to present or watching a movie.

iBolt Streamer Kit costs $49 and comes with 6 foot adapter cable, a super thin 6 foot HDMI cable and a one amp microUSB wall charger.


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