Icron Extends USB 500 Meters over Ethernet to 40 KM over Fiber



Robert Haefling joins Jeff and on the Live coverage. He is from Icron – a company that makes solutions for cabling. KVMs and USB over Networks, Fiber and Wireless.

As an IT pro, I have dealth with for a . When we went to wireless computers, I was ecstatic. Imagine how happy I will be when you can run a over ethernet.

That is what Icron does – they make devices that let you set up a in one room and run to another room via the network. You can also take a USB monitor, and mouse, then have a computer in the basement and you are working in the office up in the attic.

With USB over network, you can push a device up to 500 meters over Ethernet and 40 kilometers over Fiber networks. When USB 3.0 technology comes out, you can have a room that locks the computer and , then work in another room.

Interview by Esbjorn Larsen

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