iGo Pico Projector for Flip Cameras, Key Juice Charger

iGo Pico Projector

iGo Pico

They call it your Flip Cam’s new BFF. It’s the iGo Pico Pocket Projector. It connects to smartphone or flip camera. Through a , you connect and project.

The 20,000 light hours can project up to 10 feet away (20 ANSI lumens). It can do a 16:9 1200×800 screen, so it can be perfect for watching a movie on the in .

iGo Key Juice

iGo Key Juice

They got a for the projector and the iGo Key Juice, which is a compact cable you can attach to your .

The Pico Projector is $299 and the Key Juice is $19.99

Interview by Esbjorn Larsen

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