iLuv: Travel Accessories DreamTraveler, RockWall, Mo’Beats – CES 2012



I don’t trust hotel alarm clocks. In fact, I unplug the clock and plug my in the same area. Someone at iLuv must do the same thing, because they came out with the DreamTraveler.

At CES this year, iLuv won several awards. Todd gets the skinny from Peter at iLuv.

First, we have the Dream Traveler. The is combined iPhone dock, USB charger and 3-plug . That way, when you have one outlet by the bed to use, you can turn it into 3 – plug outlet, plus charge your iPhone (or iPad) and 2-. It then folds up for easy travel.

iLuv also showed off the RockWall, a dual USB charger. The swivel base is detachable for international plugs. Mo’Beats is a cradle with Bluetooth wireless portable speaker stand that holds iPad, Galaxy Tab or other tablet. Mo’Beats has a built-in -ion battery which runs on charge for 4 hours.

All these products will be available by May. DreamTraveler will retail at  $129.99, Mo’Beats expected to be $89.99 and RockWall will be priced at $129.99 on the website and the DreamTraveler is $49.99.

Interview by of Geek News Central for the TechPodcast Network.

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