Innovation Award Winner GreenWave Reality with Smart Home Services – #CES 2012

GreenWave Reality

GreenWave Reality

One award honoree is GreenWave Reality. They create energy management solutions for a smarter home. From smart plugs, to LED lights and the ability to control from multiple sources.

While at , got a chance to interview Greg Memo from GreenWave Reality, a global innovator in the emerging services market including and elderly care. On show is their home energy management solution that uses wireless (ZigBee) plug-in devices to monitor and control power consumption.

The system is not just limited to power management as other remote monitoring and control technologies such as lighting and can be included. The complementary app allows the homeowner to select individual rooms within the property and make adjustments if necessary – for example, a could be turned down or the timings changed to alter when the heat comes on.

The overall solution won a CES 2012 Innovations Award so congratulations to GreenWave. Available now, starting from $200.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central for the TechPodcast network.


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