Intel Light Peak Technology Will Let You Transfer Blu-Ray in Under 30 Seconds – CES 2010


Bottlenecks. That is one thing companies have to deal with when putting out a faster device. The product may revolutionize in speed, but if the rest of the computer can’t handle it, you have to wait for one to catch up to the other.

Intel always works on that area. They wanted to address the connection throughout a home or business with the speed needed. Enter Light Peak technology. The hope is to eventually replace copper wiring within the house simply because it will become the .

talks with Robert on this at CES. It won’t be out until next year, but the is pretty impressive. The transfer on LightPeak is 10 Gbps. In the they have 2 – 4 Gbps running at the same time. Therefore, the parents could be watching an action flick in the living room and the children could be watching a cartoon in 1080p and the network will not be taxed.

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