iStopMotion by Boinx – Create Stop Motion Videos

is an art that some excel in. Claymation and LEGO motion are both types of video. Movies like Wallace and Grommet and Chicken Run use this technique. Now you can, too!

A couple weeks ago, sent me the iStopMotion to play with on my Mac and iPad. I am not a stop motion expert by any means, but this made is easy to create my own videos and animated GIFs.

Advantages of iStopMotion

The ghost images show you where your items were so adjustments can be made. You can load an audio track so the stop motion can sync with it. You can even load in a video to create a stop motion version. Imagine re-creating Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer with this software!

You can also put up a chromakey background to put your stop motion on the moon, across the land or wherever. Foreground images can make it look like your stop motion video is in a fish tank, under a tree or through binoculars.

I can set up through many different cameras and capture in 1080. I can also save it, export to or even an animated GIF.

Animation with iStopMotion

with iStopMotion

Disadvantages of iStopMotion

The only one is this is Mac/ software. You can get the software for , iPad or iPod, but if you have a PC or Android device you are out of luck (at least for now).

Overall – iStopMotion

This is fun software. It made things easy and I was able to put together some great short videos. I can also set up time-lapse to capture longer videos in shorter times. Maybe a sunrise or sunset.

iStopMotion by Boinx is $49.99 for Mac and $9.99 for iOS.

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