iTatch is so Secure, You can Spin an iPad with it



Note: We are not condoning spinning high-tech equipment. If you attempt the following, do so at your own risk.

iTatch is probably one of the most straightforward pieces of tech out there. Some might not call a technology, but considering how we have advanced on rubber and plastics, this really is a technology wonder.

You can even spin your using it.

iTatch is a with a suction cup on the end. The idea is to attach it to the smooth surface of the iPad, then carry it around your neck. That way when you need the item, you just grab and go.

Maybe not as much the iPad, but a smartphone or other device that has a smooth surface to it (note how I keep saying “Smooth surface”. Don’t attach to a phone case or any other textured item. It won’t work).

It can also be a anchor to keep your small dog at bay (notice I said “Small dog”). Prices are pretty reasonable – $14.95 for the lanyard and suction cup.

Interview by Andrew McCaskey of RV News Net

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