Jeffrey Powers Interviews Tim Pettitt on HP TouchPad – #HPDiscover 2011

Tim Pettitt

Tim Pettitt

Tim Pettitt joined the live stream to talk a little more about the HP TouchPad’s tablet based on the file system. The , which will be available on July 1st for $499, holds a dual-core 1.6 GHz Snapdragon and 1 GB internal memory. There will be versions in 16 GB, 32 GB, 3G and 4G models.

“We’ve been taking WebOS, with TouchPad we can take it to a larger canvas.” Says Pettitt. ” One of the neat things on it, we wanted to make it a true multi-tasking environment. When I open up a new email message, it comes out of it’s own card, it allows you to have multipe open, and work how I do on a PC.”.

You can organize your open cards at any time. It also has a great on-screen that gives different options to get alternate keys. Re-size the keys is the biggest advantage.

Further, if you have the , with the conductive technology called Touchstone, you don’t need to plug it in to charge. If you have the Pre 3 and want to transfer from one mobile device to another, just touch the Pre 3 to the TouchPad to transfer.

You don’t have to take it out of the case,” notes Tim. ” We have a concept called ‘touch and share’. All you would do is tap over the center button, it will pair the device (it will ask you to turn on Bluetooth pairing) and if you are on a web page, it allows you to send the URL from the Pre 3 to the TouchPad or the TouchPad to the Pre3.”

A good example if you are reading an article, see a recipe, tap the phone to transfer, then head to the store to get the ingredients. No needed.

The TouchPad has a Gyro and . Tim shows off the game Glider 2 from glu. It runs at 1024×768. You can fly by moving the tablet. If you get a notification, there is no pop-up in the middle of the screen.

“Everything will show up in the top, but it’s not going to interrupt you”. Say Pettitt

Tim wanted to show off , but the internet access was a bit too far. Nonetheless, HP has been working with Flash on battery performance and use. There is an on-demand flash option, or always on. That way if you are on a great connection, you can have it all come up at once.

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