Jeffrey Powers Makes Bobby Lehew a Better Marketer in Seven Minute Smarketer – #BWELA

7 minute Smarketer

7 minute Smarketer

Sometimes in this world of podcasting, the tables turn and the interviewer becomes the . That is what happened with Bobby Lehew’s 7 Minute Smarketer podcast. I sat down with Bobby and talked about one thing to make him a smarter marketer.

Of course, the stakes were high. If I didn’t make him smarter, I would have to buy him a beer.

I talked about what I knew – Evergreen content. How it can be an important part of your , and how you never know something becomes evergreen. People’s favorite podcast episodes could become life lessons for them.

After seven minutes, though, I kinda was the one who felt a little smarter. We talked back and forth, and I noticed how 2 Snowball mics, a and an iPad can be a very powerful podcast tool.

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