John Chambers Talks About Creating One Minute Tip – #BWELA

John Chambers

John Chambers

In ’s Voices of New Media show, John Chambers was the first guest to be interviewed. John creates many podcasts, but he is best known for “One Minute Tip“, where he podcasts a tip in a short period of time.

It’s completely off the cuff. That’s funny because you talk to people who do an hour long show and they are not gonna do any editing, we’re gonna do an hour long show and it’s going to go out just the way we do it. Now it takes me and hour to do a show that’s only a minute long because I have to do the edit. I want it to sound like a continuous train of thought – but it’s not, because you are going through steps, this pull down menu; and you have to double-check  to see if you are correct and accurate. So what I see is an hour and what I got out of it was a minute and a half of content. But it’s tight.

While John has a full blooper reel, he can really knock down a show.

John has been podcasting from the start. At the time, it was called . He invested in a show that nobody believed would work. John was the first that created the “Short Show” format.

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