Kidzvuz: Child Safe Social Media Site – CES 2012



Rebecca Levey from KidzVuz joined the Live show to talk about Kidzvuz. This is a safe environment for eight to ten year olds.

Rebecca was a mommy . As she reviewed, she thought – why am I reviewing the product? My kids should be doing that.

However, young kids shouldn’t be on or like that. Therefore, she helped create KidzVuz. This is a completely moderated site where parents have control over what is sent across the network. Kids can then comment and make videos, just like adults do.

KidzVuz also can teach parents about how they are sending their kids digital footprint across the internet. With KidzVuz, there is no identifyable information. They worked with Badgeville to put a competitive edge to the site.

Kids that love to collect or build get excited about this site. and other building blocks. Bookworms are also big on Kidz Vuz. Kids on vacation or cooking are also big topics.

KidzVuz is in full compliance with the Child Online Protective Act. The site is completely free and Banner-ad free.

Interview by Andy of SDRNews and Don of the Professor for the TechPodcast Network.

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