Kingston HyperX Solid State Drive (SSD) – CES Digital Experience



While at , we stopped and talked with Kingston. They have been a big part of computer memory for many years – I remember when I bought my first  Megabyte of RAM (at $40 a stick!).

It only makes sense they would be expanding to technology. We saw them at , and they were showing off their new HyperX line. SSD technology has advanced to the point where it becomes trusted use for a computer. Most Ultrabooks will contain SSD technology instead of a spinning disc (which is what makes an Ultrabook battery last a ).

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HyperX is a Sand force based controller SSD – SATA 6GB with 550/500MB/S. The new HyperX comes with an external drive bay so you can transfer the data before replacing the . Currently for the 120 GB version seen in the video below the price is coming in at a little over $200.

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