Kodesk: Lease Out Empty Office Desks – TechCrunch Disrupt 2011



I’ve worked at many companies where offices go empty. Whether due to downsizing or whatnot, you might always wonder if there is a way companies could rent out an office to an upstart. Well, there actually is with Kodesk.

Kodesk allows you to find a company that has empty office space. You then rent out a cube or office so you have a place to work. That way, you are not at home lounging in your pajamas flipping through the channels. Especially if there is not a local incubator in your area that offers rental office space.

We’re doing co-working, but a step beyond. If you’re a business owner and you don’t use all your office space, instead of leaving it like that and costing money, you can monetize it. You put it in our platform, say when it’s available and we do everything. We do the billing, we do the scheduling – we handle everything.

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You can rent a desk from a few hours to a few days. Kodesk calls them “ ”. You go to the website, find a desk, then schedule a time to rent it. You might even be in a office that if you need help, you can rent out the time. For instance, if you are not a programmer and the office has some down time, check to see if you can get some advise or help.

So it could become a great way to network and do a little bit of time management (without interfering with their daily duties). At any rate, this is a great way for companies to make a few dollars and fill those empty desks.


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