LifeStation Managed Pill Box Helps with Medication Compliance – CES 2012



LifeStation is a pill box that will let you know it’s time to take your medication. It’s a web-based tool that will inform people if someone doesn’t take their medication. The pill box will start to blink on the medication that it’s time to take. If you don’t take it in time, it will begin to beep. After a while, it will then notify care-givers, so they can check in on you. If the user tampers with the box, the care-giver will be notified. It’s ready for travel with a battery pack inside. The pill box had compartments for up to 4 doses a day and once full holds a week’s worth of pills. Prices start at $50 a month for a subscription, with Medic-aid possible. In tests, the pill box got a medication compliance of up to 92%. Interview by Jamie Davis from Promed Network talks with David from LifeStation. For more information go to or [cessponsor]

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