Live Blog of HP Tech Forum 2009 Keynote

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4:30 – 6:00 p.m. Keynote
South Convention Center, Level 2, Ballroom

Host: Tom Iannotti, Managing Director and SVP, HP Americas and TSG

Ann , EVP, TSG, HP

Paul Miller, VP Marketing, ESS, TSG, HP

, SVP, Research, HP; Director, HP Labs

4:40 PM: Intro with Tom Iaonotti

4:43 PM: Ann Livermore starts out. Talking about Market Leadership of HP. She mentions that HP is #1 in Revenue, part of the Forune 9 in the US.

HP will be getting aggressive in Networking. HP has made a series of acquisitions to poise themselves for this ramp up. Compaq, Colubris, Lefhand Networks. Software is getting pushed due to the merge with Mercury, Opsware.Finally, the EDS acquisition.

Ann begins to talk about the CIO challenge – HP has made investments in Data Center Transformation, Information Explosion and Everything as a service.

Data Center – A data center will change in the next few years.
– Data Center workforce will decline by 45%
– Un conformed Data Centers will cause power brownouts.

Ann states they will focus on turning centers green – 24/7 uptime. Serious leadership in Server and . Add to that the software to control it all. She adds they will “Do it for you” if you are unsure where to start.

Information Explosion – How to organize the new streams of data

– Knowing more about customers and costs
– Managing information is the goal for the next 4-5 years.

Ann states that HP is the #1 Server Deployment. The integrated Archive platform and Neoview are programs that will help organize the data. HALO technologies will help in management.

Everything as a Service – how to manage the Cloud and deliver the service.
– How do you create business value from these services
– How do you outsource and govern the services
– New roles in IT.
– You will need an Adaptive Infrastructure

Ann talks about the HP Blade . A Service Portfolio to Govern the ROI and Health of SLA. The Apps will have to be secure, therefore the Software portfolio (with the acquisition of Mercury) will help with that.

5:07 PM: Paul Miller comes on stage to talk about how to bring servers to the next level. Blades delivering “Everything as a Service”.  Paul talks about how Convergence is core to adapt the infrastructure.

Virtual Storage – Adding storage to any application on the fly. Paul talks about “Left hand storage”. They can reduce 50% of cost than a virtual SAN.

“The Blade System Matrix will bring the power of the private cloud to the enterprise”.

The matrix environment will use templates designed to your need. The admin approves and deploys the app. All tasks are then created and maintained. Storage, apps, load OS and more are automatically created and the app can be ready to be put online.

Paul talks about Extreme scale data and how to work in these large infrastructures. The HP Extream Scale Out Portfolio is built to deliver services. HP will also be relasing the “Environmental Edge”, to configure and adjust the room to expected needs and determine where issues lie. Fully optimized for your server room.

In a 100,000 square foot data center, the energy, weight and acquisition savings can equal $153 Million. The energy savings can power 15,677 homes.

5:27 PM: Prith Banerjee comes on stage to talk about HP Labs and it’s research breakthroughs. They look at the future, then advise HP with opportunites. Prith states they have 500 researchers around the world that deal with issues in their area and how it affects everyone.

Intelligent Infrastructure, Cloud, Analytics, Information Management, Immersive Interaction, Content Transformation, Digital Commercial Print and Sustainability are the 8 areas that corporations will have to be concerned on within the next 10 years. Prith points out that Ann’s speech are great examples for these 8 areas.

Intelligent Infrastructure: Capture more value with computing performance and cost improvements. HP Labs is researching computing, storage, Networks and Technology.  Embracing Parallel computing while trying to harnass the massive computing happening. Nanotechnology will be a big part in this with Memristors, Sensors and Photonic Interconnect.

Prith also talks about the Exascale Data Center. He says this is the next level and the future. Vitualization, Networking, Nanotechnology is the tools needed to be ready for the next level.

Photonics is the use of light for data communication. It can Exponentially increase bandwidth (10 4th power) with less material. Prith will say that in 10 years, we will need Photonics for those 1024 core chips 10 years down the road.

Computing will be going through an evolution. You will be able to buy computers by what you need through cloud computing. HP wants to redefine the taming and exploiting of information to help with decision making. He also talks about being able to Data Mine in real time. InfoPal, CHAOS, Analytics Inside and OpBl Supercomputer are some items being used to help data mine in real time.

Prith goes into Digital Commercial Print. Being able to customize to the reader. HP Labs is working to accelerate the transformation to digital commercial printing. Custom versions of Wall Street Journal is the example he gives. The convergence of Print and Digital are what HP Labs wants to focus on. “Plastic Reflective Displacement” Glass to take a computer out on a sunny day and still see everything on the screen.

The idea of incorporating more senses in a computer is the next section. Immersive Interaction will bring human interaction to do ordinary things. He talks about how he uses a clicker to tell someone in back to change the slide. If he waves his hand, that person cannot see it. Immersive Interaction will merge that idea.

Labs is also working on how we communicate. We find out that Prith believes Skype sucks. The crowd agrees. But what if you could get all the white noise out of the conversation? What if you can trick your boss in thinking you are at home when you are really in Las Vegas?

Finally, Prith talks about the Green value. Sustainable data Center can consume 200-300 megawatts of power. As data centers scale, we will loose more. 50% of operation cuts and 75% cut of carbon footprint is their goals.

5 PM: A short video about Michiu Kaku.

Tom Iannotti gives a quick closing.

The band begins to play “Stone in Love”, but the vocal mics are not working.

Very interesting and informative session. The HP Labs was the most invigorating and informative of the session.

Thanks for checking it out. Pictures:

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