LiveU Streaming Packs LU400, LU500, Smart Grip Stick – NAB 2014



Video streaming is a great way to get a show out to the public right now. LiveU has been giving us ways to video to a streaming service or back to the station for live coverage. Using packs that have multiple endpoints working in tandem, if one carrier cannot send the signal another one can help out.

I talked with , COO of LiveU about the newest versions of streaming devices. Avi showed us the LU500, a smaller backpack solution that has 6-8 4G cards inside to get the action. The LU500 is only 2.2 lbs and with the backpack allows for a cameraperson to be on the go.

The LU500 battery will run for around 3 hours – depending on how you use the pack. You can connect a camera, computer, or used the quick editing feature inside LiveU to get the interview and cut out the mistakes.

Another solution LiveU has is the LU400 – a smaller device with 4 integrated wireless access points. Keep in mind you can use other access points (up to 7), therefore your phone or any other wireless signal can be combined into the pack.

The LU400 is also around 2.2 lbs and has a 1.5 hour battery. You can also connect up other devices to stream rather than sending the live interview.

LiveU  Smart Grip Streaming Stick for $500

LiveU Smart Grip Streaming Stick

LiveU Smart Grip Streaming Stick

Finally, Avi was really excited to show me the Smart Grip streaming stick. This device has Verizon Mifi inside and can bond to your phone for 2 access points. Simply turn on the phone, hit record on the camera, and start streaming.

The LiveU smart app will need to be installed for the Wifi to bond and stream. the app can be downloaded for iOS5 devices or Android. The Smart Grip outputs a 480i video with 64 kbps audio.

LiveU LU500 and LU400 costs around $15,000 for full out purchase. LiveU also has other options if you need a live streaming solution for an event. Check out LiveU.TV for more info!


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