LoJack with Computrace and Intel Can Brick a Lost or Stolen Device – CES 2010


As an IT administrator in a , I know that keeping data safe is key #1. It would have been nice to have this product on all the in the office. Especially one instance where the employee found a legal way around keeping their machine with all of our data on it.

LoJack for Laptops / Computrace creates a partnership with Intel for Anti-Theft Technology – Think of it like a if your machine gets lost, stolen, or taken in any way possible. The laptop will be rendered useless until it comes back to the owner, in which they can then turn the machine back on. It litterally the machine.

Andy McCaskey talks with Stephen at about this “poison pill” technology. Best part is this option is incorporated in the laptop – Like a Dell laptop, in where you get a 1 year membership. Even a “wiped” can be detected and LoJack will load their software to the device.

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