Lok8u GPS Gives Children and Now Adults multi.m8 Freedom and Peace of Mind – CES 2010


Last year we got to meet Andy and the crew from Num8 – the makers of the Lok8u GPS child locator. So when we saw them back this year at , we definitely wanted to chat once again. And once again, we were not dissapointed.

Last years’ video, Andy McCaskey got to find out how the Lok8u was the device to have to keep on children without having to watch them all the time. After all, we were all kids at one time. Most of us were also were not as supervised as some of the children nowadays. In fact, there was a time where we went over across the highway to the old abandoned 78 Chevy Nova in the woods and…. Well, that’s not important.

What is important is if your kids do run off, then the Lok8u will let you know where they are within 10 meters. And that’s not all. This year they realized that there is a need for some to have , but still know where they are. Maybe a grand parent that still wants to live at home or a or sister with Down syndrome that doesn’t need to be supervised all the time. Even a worker – if you need to know where he/she is or if they are in trouble.

The new version comes with a voice recorder and a . That way if there is an emergency, they press the button and help is on the way. The voice recorder adds functionality  so you can remember important details along the way.

This year Jeffrey Powers talkes with Andy over the new version of the Lo8u watch called multi.m8. This product will become available in September for $179.99 with a $10/month .

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