Lou Mongello on WDWradio: Walt Disney World Podcast – #BWELA

wdw radio

wdw radio

We are joined on ’s by Lou Mongello of the WDWradio – a podcast about Walt Disney World. Stories, experiences and more. From interviews with people like Julie Andrews, to the average joe. We talk a little about engagement.

I’ll try to engage as much as possible, from the simple things: Facebook to Twitter. I have a discussion forum on my that is a large passionate community So I got 40,000 people on the forum, but you have to engage them in the way they want to do it. Nothing beats a handshake or a hug, so I moved to Orlando and I have monthly meetups in Walt Disney World – Not to just meet me, but to meet each other.

We talk about the opportunities Lou has had throughout the six years of doing this podcast. When he gets messages from listeners that tell their special stories, that is what makes it happen for him.

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