Makerbot Cupcake CNC Shows You Can Fabricate Your Ideas Into 3D Reality – CES 2010


I had a lot of discontinued items in my possession. The that really got my is when something broke, I was out of luck. It was always a little piece that made the whole work. That is, unless I was to re-fabricate it myself.

Well that seems to be more of a reality nowadays. Last year at CES we talked with Shapeways and how you can send stuff to them to turn into reality. This year, the Makerbot Cupcake CNC is the big device.


It’s deemed “an open source, affordable printer”. The Cupcake CNC is a desktop printer that makes 3D models. You can design files, or you can go to Thingaverse to make other people’s designs.

Andy McCaskey talks with Bre Pettis on this great new device and the community that surrounds it. The kit costs $750 and you build it yourself, which means you can also pimp it out or add to it. The material is the same that makes LEGO. It goes into the Makerbot and heats up, then the system will turn and layer your project together.

The Cupcake will cost $950, or $750 if you have some of the electronics already. You just need a good 3D modeling program (there are out there).

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