Manga Studio EX5, Wacom Intuos Manga Tablet: Computer to Graphics Station

I was asked to check out the new version of Studio EX5, but I couldn’t do much with only a mouse. Therefore, I got a Intuos pen-tablet to work with it. The one-two punch helped me create some fun anime and other graphics.

Manga Studio EX5

Get the Manga Studio EX 5 at Amazon

I wish I had this computer drawing software back when I was drawing my comic “Cybeeks”. Manga Studio EX5 is a great way to create graphic novels, storyboards, logos and a whole bunch more. I haven’t drawn in a while, so I wasn’t going to make many masterpieces.

Yet, I really didn’t need to. The software has multiple options and staged 3D characters for you to create a quick image the way you like it. You can also use the 3D models as tracing dummies around your work – to make sure the facial features, hand features and more are accurate.

Creating backgrounds and more are also very easy to do. Layer them in front or behind your characters. Even add some text, action words and more.

If you have Manga Studio 4, the upgrade will allow you to bring older works into 5 for duplicating, tracing and adding to your creations.

Manga Studio 5 is under $100 and EX5 is a little more, but you get the story creator, book style options, batch export and much more. Add-on packs are also available for more drawing options.

Wacom Intuos Manga

Intuos Manga

Wacom Intuos Manga Tablet Review

Get the Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch Small Tablet at Amazon

I used to have an art tablet years ago. It was – at best – decent in creating images and touching up photos. This Intuos Manga digital tablet from Wacom is light years ahead of that.

You can use the tablet pen or your finger as a touchpad to draw, zoom, turn and more. Buttons on the pad can be set for what you need. Flip the pen around and it can be an eraser, or whatever you need.

The software included will create an on-screen keyboard with hand recognition sofware so you don’t have to type anything.

Inuos Manga can also attach wirelessly with the Wacom Wireless accessory kit.

Best Tablet price is also around $90. The Wireless accessory kit is an additional $40 and perfect if you use the drawing tablet along with a mouse or other pointing device.

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