MapLock is the Club for your GPS unit – CES 2010


Have you ever had your car broken into and your GPS stolen? You can even take the GPS out and stow it in the glove box or under the seat, but the might still see that residue from the and still break into your car for that device. Well that is where Maplock comes in.

maplock2This device is “the Club for GPS”. Attach the lock to your , or other device, then lock it to your steering . The bright color will show that your GPS is locked down and not worth breaking into the car for.

talks with Chris over this great product. Todd’s mother had 2 GPS stolen, so when he saw this product, his eyes lit up. For $49.95 this can save a thief from breaking into your car, stealing the GPS, then finding out where you live and breaking into your house, too.

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