Mavia: Taking Control of Your Car – CES 2012


Mavia Device

In today’s car, there is a plug that mechanics use to diagnose problems with your car. You could always plug something in to get information. Mavizon Tech about their new Mavia dongle.

Mavia connects to the car diagnostic port (the ODB-II port). It can read the diagnostics, ask your friends on if they know an answer, and also find a to find the solution.

Mavia is also a GPS receiver to provide location and technical information. The data is sent back to You can then log in to view.

If you have a kid and want to know where they are, log in and locate. You can also get multiple pieces of information. There are Android and iPhone client apps to keep you in touch.

Mavia is in a beta test, so no pricing yet (expected $200 ). The device will be available from retail outlets later in the year.

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