Mercedes-Benz intros Mbrace2 – CES 2012

Mercedes-Benz Mbrace2

Mercedes-Benz Mbrace2

While at the Mercedes-Benz booth, we learned about Mbrace2. This is their newest generation of connected .

With fully loaded in the Mbrace2, they put the car into the cloud. Mercedes-Benz has customized versions of popular , which include Local Search, Yelp, Morningstar Finance, and others. Search will be rather easy, and results will show pictures from Panerameo or .

Mercedes-Benz also wants to protect drivers and pedestrians. Therefore, the data entry will be disabled. You will have limited functionality.

The center will have all your information. the system will update through the cloud. With GPS technology, Mbrace2 has many ways to keep you connected to your car. Bring the relevant services to your car.

Mercedes-Benz also has been working with to make a non- looking version. You can do limited functionality with this device for safety, but you can put together pre-canned messages, like “I will arrive at my destination in XX minutes.”

Mercedes-Benz hopes to have Mbrace available on all models starting in 2013. There will be a monthly but the price has not been determined. There will be a complimentary trial period for new customers.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central

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