Michael Nielsen on HP Flex Networking – #HPDiscover 2011

Michael Nielsen

Michael Nielsen

While at Interop, we learned a lot about Flex Networking. Mike Nielsen, director of solutions Marketing at Networking talks about how Flex Campus delivers content (including video) across the network.

Michael used to work for Cisco. When he got to HP, Michael was astonished on what HP devices were available. So Michael helped bring simplification of the network architecture.

“We are now starting to gain a bunch of traction.” Nielson states. ” We are trying to get away from this ‘It’s about the cost of the platform” and really start to talk about ‘It’s the cost of the architecture and the problem we are trying to solve.’” He finishes with “If you are going to design 4 and 5 tier network architectures, it’s going to be more expensive. I don’t care if there are cheap boxes, it’s going to be more expensive. “

Michael talks about Dreamworks 1 tier – 10 GB . They have 20,000 server cores because the amount of processing. Similar in the regular .

“If we can help people get away from the 3 and 4 tier, we can radically change the economics of the campus networks.

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