Mimi Smart Hearing Uses iPhone to Improve Hearing – Disrupt 2014



Ever been in a location where you cannot hear the other person because of the bounce of a room? MIMI has a solution – throw your on and adjust the room so you can hear the other people.

I personally have a hard time female voices due to the fact I am a drummer. Even the noisy bustle sound at Disrupt and the quieter voice of Eva Maria Zoll made it tough to hear. The best part was I put my headphones on and ran the app – I was able to hear her voice better.

The app brings you through a quick which can tell you where your loss is at. Switch over to the active part and adjust the levels so you can hear the conversation.

MIMI is also working on a LE so you can keep the device on your when needed.

You can download the iPhone app of Mimi Hearing TestAlso check out their website at Mimi.io


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