MiSee TX Projects Computer, Keyboard from a Small Box

MiSee TX

MiSee TX

CTX Virtual Technologies was at showing off the MiSee TX – a computer the size of a 2×4 inch box. However, this cube was really all you needed if you wanted to do some computing, for it had a built in monitor and keyboard.

The MiSee TX starts by projecting the screen via Pico . A full 1080i at 1280×800 with a throw to make a 60 inch viewable screen. Therefore, you can use this box to watch a movie without issue.

The keyboard – mouse of the MiSee TX is replicated by it’s own projector. A red laser (soon changed to green) is projected as a keyboard. The infra-red camera turns your movements into and mouse moves.

The idea is to put the projector and keyboard into and tablets. Therefore the MiSee TX is not available right now. Expect the MiSee by CES 2012.

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