Monoprice 615808 – 8-Channel Mixer for Podcasters, Musicians

Monoprice 615808 Mixer

Monoprice 615808 Mixer

Today’s item I have for review is the Monoprice 615808 8-. This is a sub-$100 mixer that is perfect for 2-4 vocals, or 2-3 .

About the Monoprice 615808 Mixer

This mixer has 4-, 4-line in inputs and 4 . You can also plug in a CD or RCA and send out via the 2 track mains or RCA jacks. The mixer also has a (playback only) and aux send if you choose to add effects or compression to your mixer.

The first 4 channels of the 615808 contain an overall gain, two options, the aux-pre channel, pan and . Channels 5/6 and 7/8 only have EQ, aux-pre, pan and level. Main outs are 1/4″ and the headphones is balanced 1/4″ jack.

Advantages of Monoprice 615808 Mixer

This mixer is small and very portable. Perfect for a one-on-one interview, connecting to a computer and recording a show. The added adapter on the bottom allows you to place the mixer on a stand if no table is available. You can even run mics needing phantom power as it can run +48V.

Monoprice 615808 Mixer - Back

Monoprice 615808 Mixer – Back

Disadvantages of the Monoprice 615808 Mixer

The biggest is the USB – It’s playback only. If you try to record via USB, your recording will run a high pitched hum. Even connecting to the – it recognizes the USB mixer – but will still bring the pitch into your recordings.

Overall – Monoprice 615808 Mixer

For the $70 price tag, this mixer is perfect for beginners and works well if you are running a portable setup. The mixer works a lot better with a compressor/gate on it, which with a little thought (and some cool technology from JamUp Pro) I was able to do.

Monoprice 615808 mixer with PositiveGrid JamUp Pro as Effects unit via iPad

Monoprice 615808 mixer with PositiveGrid JamUp Pro as Effects unit via iPad

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