My Zeo is Your Personal Sleep Coach for a Better Nights’ Sleep – CES 2010


I remember when the was popular in the 80’s. Olivia Newton John wanted to get Physical, Jim McMahon was doing the Shuffle and let’s not forget Flashdance – What a Feeling! But nowadays the headband pretty much is in the past. That is unless you are trying to get a decent nights’ . Then the MyZEO is what you need to help you get one.

You put the MyZEO on at night and let the computer monitor your sleep habits. Then after a while, you can see paterns develop and try to find ways to change the patterns so you can sleep better. The bed side appliance will let you know how you are doing for sleep. All by visualizing your sleep.


In this video, Kara talks to the folks at MyZEO about sleep habits. One thing to note – this is not EEP or will this be a substitute for any medical sleep study. But if you just want a better sleep, then you might want to check this out.

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