Navteq Will Revolutionize Mapping with 3D Dataset Maps and LIDAR Scanning – CES 2010


has done a lot with mapping. gives you a good idea what to look for in a location. I have virtually walked down a street so I could be familiar with before I even get to the location. Well, what if I could have a better representation than what gives? What if I could have a full 3D – 360 view of a street?

navteq2Enter Navteq – a company that will take mapping to a whole new level. They have been in the mapping industry for 25 years. With a technology known as LIDAR Scanning, the mapping – like in – will take your map from a 2D realm to a 3D level.

The Car looks like it has a weird device on top that spins at 600 revolutions per minute. It has 64 collecting data at 1.5 million points. The Navteq car also has a panoramic camera and 6 other cameras that  take Hi-res photos of , trees and other data.

Andy McCaskey talks with Alwil about this very interesting project. Of course, the is a new mapping system that might just power your next or Garmin system. With this option, You can bring out specifics, such as if you are looking for a , it can point that out.

The technology is a couple years out for consumer GPS. But what a great find for us at !

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