NBC Universal Show #1: From the Bravo Stage

Universal set up two stages this year. The first one was the stage we used last year and the second one was a big ping-pong ball shaped area that you would stand in the middle of. That is the stage we ended up using for show #1 – And it was pretty cool.

Since the first show was on Friday, we had to wait until the folks at Bravo were done. A couple snafus and things were running a tad late on the main stage. We ended up using the 2nd stage where , Jeffrey Powers and interviewed folks from Ford, , Red, Anti and Clickfree.

Even though there were time constraints, we still pulled off the quality shows you know us to do. We were even a little under the , for the batteries were not at 100% and we were concerned that we’d run out of juice first. Yet everything held steadfast and we got some great content.

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