Nexia Home Intelligence: Full Home Automation from Schlage – CES 2012

NEXIA Home Intelligence

NEXIA Home Intelligence

Scott talks with Ann Mathias, Brand director for Schlage. They are introducing a new product: Nexia Home Intelligence. Schlage will be bringing in companies like Pella and Trane to bring new features in home automation. Using C-Wave technology, they can turn on lights, open shades,  and more.

A great example – You are away on a business trip. You forgot to turn down the thermostat. Using the interface, you can easily do that. You can also set automation to look like you are home. Also, if your neighbor comes over because they see something wrong in your house, they can call you to unlock the door. You go to the interface, and unlock the front door for the neighbor. When they are done, just lock your house back up.

Perfect item for those of us who double check things when we leave.

The more smart items in your home, the more you can add to your Nexia Home Intelligence.

Interview by Scott Ertz of F5 Live for the TechPodcast Network.


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