No Kodak Zi12 PlayFul Dual as Kodak Discontinues Cameras


KodakOver the weekend, we found out that Kodak was shuttering their digital camera side of Kodak. That means both the digital cameras and their digital video cameras are being discontinued.

Which means there will be no Zi12 PlayFul Dual as we were anticipating later this year.

This is a sad day – The Kodak Zi8 and Zi10 were staples in my bag. Now, with no additional upgrades, I will have to hold on to my cameras a little closer.

You can check out my video on the comparison between the Zi8 and Zi10.

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I saw many reporters and bloggers with these cameras. Mostly because they were easy ways to record interviews, then use the recordings to write their articles. Some of them did post to YouTube. We even saw some very interesting camera rigs with this camera. I had one of those myself, complete with wireless mic and LED light.

Of course, Kodak shuttered the digital camera last week due to bankruptcy issues. I confirmed this morning that would include the video cameras as well.

Last year we saw Cisco discontinue the Flip camera. There are other alternatives, though, as Contour does have a camera with a mic input and GoPro is also continuing to make portable video devices.

Kodak will continue to honor any warranties for cameras purchased.

We did interview Jennifer Cicney at CES. She showed us the Zi12 Playful Duo and the Easyshare Wireless M750. We also got to see a fun scrapbook of her dog and cat from a service that Kodak offers.

Kodak will continue producing printers and digital kiosks.


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