OnStar in Any Car: Aftermarket OnStar System Announced



During , OnStar made a great announcement. They are now selling an aftermarket OnStar system. The mirror you have seen in all GM cars can now be installed in your Ford, , or even a . You can even upgrade your older GM vehicle.

The Aftermarket system will be available at and other retailers. They recommend that a certified professional install for maximum safety.

For $299 for the OnStar and installation and $200 / year you can stay safe. I got to even test the system that Friday night as we drove from the Atomic Testing Museum to the Venitian. The system brings a human element even when you are trying to find a destination. Use it as a GPS, information system or emergency outlet.

“We are working here and meeting with a lot of retailers, “says Rich Martinek. ” We have 6 million subscribers that are pushing the button day-to-day.”

OnStar does shine best when you are in trouble, like when you get in an accident. Response time is necessary, especially if you are injured. We talk a bit more about the safety issues:

“Because it’s a safety product, we’re going through every vehicle to make sure it’s compatible and work the way it needs to. We have already looked at the top 20 vehicles over the last 10 years and it’s worked on almost all of them. “

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