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On September 11, 2011 I took a trip with Adria Richards up to Petaluma, CA. There, on 140 Keller St, the stands. Just a few doors from the cottage, the shows that the new age of media is thriving. Inside, This Week in Tech Ep 318 was about to begin. With co-hosts Brian Brushwood, Ben Parr, Nick Bilton, Liz Gannes – Host and Chief TWiT Leo Laporte leads the crew to another successful episode of TWiT.

I got to see the new Brick House first hand. It was amazing how he put this space together. So I sat down and talked with Leo on the building of this 1.2 million dollar establishment.

All of the production (at the cottage) was done in one room, with the setup that was well designed for one person but terrible for any more than one. I hated how they looked and just felt like this is really getting in our way. My former assistant Dane was the first person to tell me about this particular building about a year ago.

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The building was vacant for two years. His business partner Lisa came over to look at it. Leo needed floor space and store front windows. See in and see out. Leo mentions that it gives excitement. A functional, transparent, organic studio that breaks the fourth wall. The look similar to the old Screen Savers show (only to remind people of it).

With a 64 square foot basement, they could add drops to put all the electronics downstairs. That way the upstairs stays cooler and quieter. As Leo put it “a raised floor that happens to be 6 foot tall.”

We talked about the look of TWiT, the 16 employees that run this shop and the shows they create. We went through how the bricks make up part of the studio (at this time, they only have 1/5 of the bricks up) and a lot more.

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