OTT #2: What is the OTT? How to Make a Set Top Box with Boxee


OTT Episode 2

For Episode #2 of the OTT, Jeffrey Powers delves into what you will expect in this show. What Over the Top TV is, who we are going to talk to (which is pretty much anyone that is doing something in the space) and what to expect from the shows. Sometimes we will be talking to industry professionals. Other times we’ll be reviewing a product or just talking about news in the OTT space.

Make Your Own Set Top Box Using Boxee

Jeff then switches gears to talk about how you can download Boxee and install on a PC to create your own Set Top Box. The iPhone has a Boxee application that you can download, so you will be able to control your Homemade Boxee Box.

The best computer should have a HDMI or DVI port for HD pictures. A computer 2-3 years old should be able to handle the video demand, however, as codecs update, you may have to update the machine.

Jeffrey finally shows off some of the cool applications, including his Boxee app – 5 Tech Things – and the Netflix application for Boxee.

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