OTT #4: John Myers – Blue Buffalo Group

On Episode 4 of the , we talk with John Myers of the Blue Buffalo group. Blue Buffalo Group is a company that works with telecommunications end of technology. Working with statistics on mobile and Telephony, we also delve into the mobile aspect of OTT.
John brings some into the idea of Video on Demand. He continues of how people can watch video at their  wherever they are. At the time of the interview, told the company Level 3 that they need to pay for pushing content like Netflix movies.
We go into discussion on companies going into an OTT business and . The “All you can eat” menu is in question for today’s internet environment. Turn a computer on and leave it on. The old AOL way where people dial in and stay on.
Finally, we talk about the change in sports to OTT. How people might start to cut the cord when sports are available straight to the viewer.

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