OTT #6: Where to Host Your Videos for OTT Distrobution


On Episode 6, we get into the side of the . You have created your videos, now it’s time to send to the world. But where are you going to upload your videos to?

In this episode, Jeffrey Powers talks the current news of OTT. He then gets into locations you can look into purchasing space to upload video.

The most important thing to note is never put your audio/video where you host your website. It simply cannot handle if a video goes viral. Last thing you need is a website that went down due to or visitors.

News of OTT:
IE9 RTM is now out.
Apple iPad2 is out
AppleTV gets MLB, NBA Channels

Places to look at uploading video:
YouTube – Limited STB use, though
– Host your own, like , or GoDaddy dedicated server
KoldCastTV – for people creating Webisodes
Internet Archive – For those who want to publish open source

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