Outski Sets Life Goals Around Your Travel – Disrupt 2014

Ever wished you could go to ? Maybe the or possibly just to another city across the country? Outski is a way you can help save for that goal.With Outski you can plan for the , socialize with others about the , and possibly even save money in your .

With Outski, you can not only plan for your trip – they also have an area where you can stash away money. Outski is FDIC approved and can come with its own you can use while on travel.

Why Outski? Well President Greg Nickolson said its what he used to say when he left a party. “I’m outski!”.

Simply log into the website and set your travel plans. Place a date you want to go and figure out the costs for airfare, lodging, food, and more. Sign up for the account so you can start sending money to it. You can even have friends and family send you money for the upcoming travel.

When you are there, have fun! The trip ideas area will help you figure out where you want to go and what to do.

The best part is you can set a life goal and achieve it. Plan it like a 401k and within a couple years you could have enough to go to , , , , or wherever you choose!

For more information, check out Outski.comThere is a $4.95 activation fee for the savings account but no monthly fee.


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