OWC CEO Larry O’Connor on New Office in Austin – SXSW 2014

2014-03-07 14.13.00While at SXSW, I got a chance to talk with Other World Computing (OWC). They added a second office in Austin to try and tap the startup potential of the area. CEO Larry O’Connor talked with me about the move, the direction of the Solid State Drive (SSD) and customer support, among other topics.

OWC Moves to Austin, TX

Larry assured me this is a second office – their main facility in Woodstock, IL will remain and work in tandem with Austin.

“Every location has very talented individuals that are part of the team.” stated O’Connor. “Every region has talents of their base. This is definitely a team effort and with technology today we’re really not as far apart as the distance might otherwise imply.”

OWC added solar to the new building to reduce their footprint and even give back to the power company when needed. Larry noted how important it was to keep the energy costs low and take advantage of all natural resources.

OWC on SSD Drives

Other World Computing has a large variety of SSD drives. From pro-sumer drives and disk arrays, to their Jupiter line of enterprise SSDs in NAS/SAN solutions.

Larry mentioned about how they find people looking for solutions to renew their 4 year old computers. Solid state drives are a great way to bring new life into older products. They even make drives that attach via IDE.

On Future Technology Needs

As wearable technology age approaches, Larry believes OWC is there to help new technologies and they are working on giving the highest quality memory and drives for these items.

“Another advantage we can offer – small quantity runs – we don’t have a 10,000 piece minimum. We’re happy to work with anybody. We don’t consider ourselves a giant company, we’re pretty entrepreneurial.”

More great information from the video. Check it out below: Also visit OWC at Macsales.com


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