OWC: Power2U AC/USB Wall Outlet, GripStand, GripStation – CES 2012

OWC Power2U


Our friends at OWC were back at CES showing off the only UL-Listed in-wall solution for powering and recharging . The OWC Power2U wall outlet is a wall plug that contains two .

Instead of the adapters, you can plug the into the drive. Slide the to the side and plug the cord in. The Power2U knows what device it is, therefore, gives the appropriate power.

Power2U also eliminates Vampire power – once you take out the , it stops supplying power to the outlet.

OWC GripStand Station

OWC GripStand Station

OWC is also looking to the enterprise – especially on the . The GripStand Station is a box that stores your iPads, and charges them at the same time. Unlock the padlock, slide up the unlocking bar, pull out the iPad with a GripStand, and your on the go.

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This is perfect for medical, hospitality and other companies using iPads for work.

The GripStation is $379. The GripStand is $29 (and comes in many colors). The Power2U is $28 ($22 for 2 or more).

Interview by Andy of SDRNews for the TechPodcast Network.

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