P2i Aridion Repels Liquids from Electronics, Clothes, more



Dr. Stephen Coulson joins Todd on the Live coverage. He is from P2i – a company that makes products like Aridion. This is a technology that turns materials Waterproof.

Dr. Coulson took 2 towels, one with and one without this technology. The first towel gets soaked, while the second one repelled the water. In fact, it beaded up like the towel was plastic.

The idea would be to dip the end product (or electronics) in this technology. This can be applied to clothing, to the point of Military use where it protects from chemical attack.

Adidas, Kswiss and other companies have applied this technology already.

At this time it’s a commercial grade product, so you cannot coat your electronics just yet.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central

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