part 3: Console Museum, Homebrew Club – Midwest Gaming Classic

Continuing coverage of the Midwest Gaming Classic, the back area was dedicated as the “museum” of gaming consoles. From to Zeo, the museum had all sorts of machines and even more historic . You could even play Zork I on a PC.

The museum was split into a few rooms – the first one was old console games, the second was games that were “head-to-head” programs. A dark cavernous room held the cult classics and the and Commodore lines (including the I had with my Commodore Vic 20). Finally, one more room with NES, and consoles.

I headed downstairs where I entered into the Homebrew area. There, I met John from He built a side-shooter for the original NES system. We talked for a on how one could go about building for the older console.


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