Patrick Eitenbichler on Converged Application Systems – #HPDiscover 2011

Patrick Eitenbichler

Patrick Eitenbichler

When it comes to having multiple systems in your IT infrastructure, making them talk to each other can be a challenge. Integration is key to running a successful Datacenter. Convergence is key to make your Virtual center talk smoothly.

“Converged Infrastructure is a architecture or blueprint of a Datacenter” Eitenbichler states. “That helps customers accelerate the  provisioning of infrastructure and services.” He talks about integrating everything into a interoperable pool that gets provisioned centrally.

A stunning fact – 32% of applications are completed. That means 68% are stopped due to either budget, hardware change or simply time. Patrick Eitenbichler talks with Jeffrey Powers about creating a Systems portfolio. The idea is to shorten time to implementation.

“What percentage of IT helps the create innovative ideas?” Eitenbichler asks.

This is a three part series. Virtual system, app system and cloud system. These three parts make up the System portfolio.

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