PBS, PBS Kids Now on Roku 3 – SXSW 2013

Not only did I get to see and play with the 3 at SXSW, I also found out about and coming to the Roku! With over 750 channels, Roku is definitely the best set top box for .

About Roku 3

Roku 3

Roku 3

Roku 3 is the newest version of the Roku player. It replaces the Roku 2 XS, which was the $99 set top box. Roku 3 has some including a new with integrated channel store and settings. Roku 3 also features a new remote with . Plug in your to listen to your show and not bother others in the room.

Roku 3 is available for purchase. Please support Geekazine by purchasing the Roku 3 through us!


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About PBS and PBS Kids Apps

PBS Kids

PBS Kids

I talked with Eric on the PBS apps now in Roku. The two channels include:

  • PBS – connecting with your local PBS station, not only will you get PBS shows like Downton Abby – you also will get programming right on your Roku. 
  • PBS Kids – a station dedicated to kids programming. like Curious George to brand new shows like Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.

Both channels are available on Roku now.

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