Pelican Case Backpacks for Videographer, Photographer – NAB 2014

Pelican Camera Gear Cases

Pelican Cases

If you ever had to take gear onto a plane, you know how protective you need to make your equipment. Most camera gear comes with you on the plane. If it doesn’t fit in the overhead, it goes by your feet where it could get kicked and banged. Then again, gear in the overhead could get moved around as well.

Pelican case makes a line of backpacks for those photographers and videographers who need extra padding for their stuff. Compartments for cameras, wires, iPad, and even the computer can make for a safer journey to point B.

While at NAB 2014, I take a look at three backpacks that can protect your gear and get you to your destination. The S115, S130, and cases. Each one has their own individual advantages for gear. For instance, ProGear S130 has a gear case that comes out if you don’t need the whole .

Prices start at $150 for these cases. Most of them are water resistant and some even contain waterproof compartments.

We also took a look at the Remote Lighting System (RALs) with black case. Perfect for those who need a powerful – yet portable – lighting system.


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