PhotoFast: Grab Photos or Video – CES 2013


These days everyone has a camera in their pocket at all times. Heck, it is not even just smartphones these days — as annoying as it sometimes seems, there are even people in front of you at events who are holding up iPads and snapping . PhotoFast has a solution to the problem of saving those precious pictures, but it is only for iOS devices at this point.

In fact, PhotoFast has the only officially licensed Apple iOS on the market at this time. You can then plug the device right into your PC or Mac to grab the images or videos. It goes both ways too — you can also move images and videos from a computer to the or . In addition, there is a dedicated app, support, security and contact backup.

Sizes start at 8 and range up from there, meaning prices also head up, with a starting point of $99 for the 8 model. It will be available through and a number of other retailers “shortly”.

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