PicDish for Foodies: See Food as it’s Prepared, Eaten – TechCrunch Disrupt 2011 SF



If you’ve ever went to a website, you see a pretty generic photo and explanation. With PicDish, they want to do more. They want you to see the actual product they are making right now. From picking the vegetables, to making the dough, cooking the food and the final product.

We have master chef participants, we have a lot of famous chefs. We have restaurant chefs right before the restaurantopens up – they’ll show of the kitchen. Have you ever seen that on any other app?  Restaurant chefs are passionate. We have bloggers, home chefs, and more.

They make passionate chefs and Foodies (a term for people who show their food via social networks). They also share content from around the area. The local farmers will use it so people know what will be at the Farmer’s market. You can see a stream of the fresh vegetables before you head out.

talks with Syed about the PicDish website.

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