Pioneer App Radio Connect Your Car with a Cool Stereo, Aha Radio – CES 2012


At the Live show, Harry Kroll from Pioneer Car Electronics joined Andy and Courtney. Harry talked about their new App Radio 2, which connects to iOS, and now Android devices.

In dash car CD players with , CD players and more. In-dash , and of course, App Radio. A capacitive touch screen, with full function of your on a much bigger screen.

Think of it like an or a second screen for your . The will be almost identical to your device. A of difference, but it’s your account, happening through your device – only amplified through the phone.

Of course, you can’t open every app to App Radio. Pioneer works with certain companies to make the apps that you need to work with App Radio. There is an SDK available from Pioneer, so you can work with Pioneer to get your app on their systems.

Another app addition is Aha Radio – Where you can listen to your Tweets or posts.

Interview by Andy and Courtney Wallinof SDRNews for the TechPodcast Network.


Pioneer Car Electronics

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